Real-time cyber skills development

We operate a real-time, gamified learning system for security skills, derived from threat intelligence and accessed entirely within the browser.

The class-leading cyber-learning environment

Our award-winning platform can take your team from novice to ninja at a pace that suits them and can be customised to focus on a particular area allowing them to upskill in the best way for your business.


Reduce risk with Immersive Labs

We believe in making your company more secure using your most valuable asset: your people. We know that the best cyber talent like to learn and be challenged – not to be taught. And we know that every organisation can benefit from solving their own cyber skills shortage, retaining their best talent and gaining insight into the latest security threats.

That’s why we’ve created a virtual hands-on learning environment with hundreds of labs that allow organisations to upskill from within and be the best they can be.

Introducing the Immersive Labs way

We approach the cyber skills shortage from every angle. Our highly acclaimed, browser-based virtual learning platform allows you to identify, assess, recruit, develop and retain the best cyber talent to help make your organisation as secure as it can be.

Identify the very best cyber talent

Your next cyber hero could be in IT support right now. Discover hidden talent in your organisation.

Immersive Labs in action: One of our enterprise consultancy customers identified hidden cyber talent in an audit and tax consultant who had developed skills through the Immersive Labs platform. She is now joining their cyber security team.

Are you ready to solve the skills shortage?



Assess your team’s cyber skills

Set assessment paths to find out how great your team and future recruits are.

Immersive Labs in action: A client is using the assessment engine to benchmark skills needed within a customised security role framework. Other customers are using the assessment mode to screen external candidates ahead of face-to-face interviews.

Measure your team’s success



Recruit your next superstar

Find the right person for the job and boost diversity with our Digital Cyber Academies™.

Immersive Labs in action: Deloitte, BAE Systems, Grant Thornton, Digital Shadows and PGI have all advertised cyber security roles through the Immersive Jobs portal to our Digital Cyber Academy users. Applications are progressed according to the skills demonstrated through completed labs, removing time-consuming CV sifting and the unconscious bias that comes with it.

Hire with no recruitment fees



Develop your novices and your ninjas

Upskill everyone – from receptionist to SOC analyst to CEO – and help make your organisation the safest it can be.

Immersive Labs in action: For specific organisations, we have developed bespoke content that can be accessed through their private network, essentially turning the platform into their own private academy.  

Protect your organisation. Protect your clients



Retain your cyber superstars

Cyber is notorious for its high staff turnover. Help buck the trend by giving your team something extra.

Immersive Labs in action: With the Immersive Labs platform you are giving your workforce a fun, accessible and accredited means of self-improvement which you can measure and reward accordingly.

Stop the churn

How we do what we do

The Immersive Labs way is only possible thanks to our game-changing practical learning environment. Our platform ensures your team get all the features of a cyber range, without moving from their desks. We have hundreds of browser-based labs to help your team get up close and personal with real world security scenarios, anytime, anywhere.

Our labs are built to elicit characteristics like curiosity, perseverance and competitiveness. They require research and analytical thinking, so you can rest assured that your team will be able to handle whatever is thrown at them.

  • Browser-based cyber range
  • On-demand, gamified labs
  • Hundreds of labs
  • New content added every week
  • Run tools from a cloud-hosted Kali client
  • Set specific skill paths for your team and track their progress

Don't just take our word for it...

Our clients have some fantastic things to say about us. Here's a selection of our most recent testimonials:

Andy Ozment,
Global CISO,
Goldman Sachs

“There is a critical shortage of cyber professionals across the globe. Existing cyber professionals need to keep their skills sharp. Immersive Labs provides an innovative solution for training new cyber professionals and honing the skills of existing professionals.”

Dr Adrian Nish,
Head of Threat Intelligence,
BAE Systems

"BAE Systems have been incredibly impressed with the Immersive Labs platform and team behind it... Everyone in the industry knows of the shortages of cyber-talent — but Immersive Labs have found a solution to tackle this in an exciting and engaging way."

Robert Hannigan,
Former Director GCHQ and Chairman of Immersive Labs' Advisory Board

“Major institutions cannot wait for the cyber skills education pipeline to right itself. The key is to identify and develop talent and aptitude amongst existing staff, using techniques that are appropriate to a new generation.”

We are a CREST-approved training provider


We have over 100 labs to help you study towards CREST CPSA and CREST CRT examinations. The approved labs on our platform are clearly signposted with the CREST logo, so you can be confident that these labs are suitable learning resources to help you gain your CREST accreditation.

Find out which exams we can help you with here

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